AIM Corp.

Billet Pressure Plate

Rigid Mounted Release Plate

  • When using a Heavy-Duty spring with Stock casting pressure plate, you may have difficulty to find neutral which is caused by flexing retaining ring and pressure plate. AIM Billet pressure plate is much stronger than stock and the release plate is not pushing against flexing retaining ring by relocating retaining ring position. That is resulted in more than 10% improved clutch separation and easily find neutral.
  • Specially designed for our VP clutch. Also good for just upgrading stock pressure plate.
  • Precision CNC machined aircraft quality aluminum.
AIM Billet Pressure Plate H-D Stock Pressure Plate
Rigid mounted release plate allow more than 10% improved clutch separation. Is is installed from back of the pressure plate H-D stock pressure plate have to hold all clutch pressure with retaining ring. It will be flexing when you pull in clutch lever especially using heavy-duty spring. Resulted in hard to find neutral.

Specially Designed for VP clutches

Hardened steel lever pads are installed into pressure plate to deliver Maximum VP performance.


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